eclectic st. Exhbition

ECLECTIC ST.  installation view

ECLECTIC ST. installation view

ECLECTIC ST. is a visual culmination of the exciting new art coming out of Easey Street. Taking form as a contemporary salon, this exhibition showcases the richly diverse works of nine ‘Easey’ artists that together, weave an eclectic journey of self discovery, nostalgia and experience. 

Over the last eighteen years, Easey Street Artist Studio's have undergone varying stages of transformation. The longstanding warehouse the studios reside in, has evolved from a small space perfect for the keen amateur artist - into a budding contemporary arts hub thriving in the heart of Melbourne's visual arts precinct - Collingwood. This evolution together with Easey Street's enduring professionalism, and community mindedness, has been catalytic for its new-found status as one of Melbourne’s leading visual arts studios. 

Director of the studios, Lesley Walsh is ensuring the progress continues at Easey Street - upping the game this year by introducing professional opportunities for the artists at Easey Street to exhibit their work. Walsh is introducing a new professional development program that will encourage collaborative relationships between Easey Artists and local emerging curators.

ECCLECTIC ST. signifies the inception of this new professional outlet for Easey Street Artist Studios, and stands as a testament to Walsh’s constant commitment to contemporary art practice and supporting emerging artists. 

This exhibition weaves an intricate and revealing web of passion, growth and experimentation - a collective embodiment of the constant strive of the artist emerging and the interdisciplinary nature of art practice today.

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Catalogue Design


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exhibiting artists

It has been really special working with the artists of Easey Street and learning of their art practice, experience, passions and interests. The Studios are a welcoming, fun and creative environment I have loved every minute being  part of. 

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A poem

For the catalogue text I thought I would try something new and write a poem. This is the introduction to the catalogue text (detailed above). 

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