Curator, Educator, Arts Manager

Qualifications: Master of Arts Management, Bachelor Art Theory & History, Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary), Graduate Certificate of Religious Education.

What initially triggered my passion for the arts was its innate subjectivity. The ability art holds to communicate visually and engender an emotive reaction, memory, past experience, as well as the conversations stimulated through interaction and dialogue. is intrinsic to my appreciation of art and my curatorial approach. As Picasso once said, the experience is what makes art special.

Curating for me is about creating experiences, participating and contributing to the arts sector, drawing from art and life and engaging with the complexities of these two spheres of experience. My practice is influenced by my history working as an art teacher – making art accessible, supporting emerging artists, enabling art and instilling art appreciation. It is because of this history that now, my curatorial practice is focused on the artists – creating opportunities for new exhibitions and projects to promote art and create new dialogues with, and experiences of art.

My approach to curating is influenced by curators like Hans Ulrich Obrist - whose projects have been a huge inspiration to me and my way of working - who describes the curatorial field as a ‘junction-maker’. For me, it is about connection – connecting artists and audiences, critically exploring and expanding ideas, facilitating arts and cultural experiences, and bringing people together.

The moments shared working directly with artists, listening to their ideas and having the opportunity to engage with discourse through visual dialogues and connections, re-presenting ideas and making ultimately art happen inspires my practice. And it is arts innate ability to connect people and places, to say something more, to encourage new ways of seeing and thinking, to transform, challenge, connect and reframe that acts as a fuel for my practice.